Gold Alliance

Gold Alliance

Why You Should List Your Property Exclusively With A Hua Hin Gold Alliance Member

Exclusive Gold Alliance Properties Receive Prioritized Attention & Focused Marketing Over Non-Exclusive Listings

When you list your property with the Gold Alliance, you join a dedicated team of vetted, professional, & well known agents in the Hua Hin area who specialize & focus on finding the right buyer for your home.  Instead of a shotgun approach to listing your property with every agent in Hua Hin, we use hired data specialists to market your property to a specific, targeted audience of active buyers.  In addition, we will produce high quality marketing materials, including high resolution photos, walk-through videos, & aerial drone photography when necessary, making your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Gold Alliance’s Due-Diligence Saves Time & Money

By performing preliminary due diligence on all Gold Alliance properties, Gold Alliance members ensure that all of your necessary property documents are quickly presentable prior to a sale and transfer.  This significantly reduces the risk of unexpected surprises or last minute explanations.  By doing our due-diligence ahead of time on all our exclusive Gold Alliance properties, we can ensure that our team speaks confidently and with knowledge about your home.  This knowledge assures buyers that their purchase is safe and a good investment.

Honest Advice On How To Sell Your Property Successfully

The real estate market can be a tough place to try and sell your home when you’re actively competing with so many other  properties for sale in Hua Hin.  Each year, developers offer brand new homes at competitive prices.  As a Gold Alliance exclusive listing, we will give you an honest evaluation of what we believe you can sell your home for in the current Hua Hin real estate market.  You will receive thoughtful, professional advice on how to stage your home for viewings; at what price your home will most likely sell for; and how to make it stand out & be more attractive to potential buyers.

Yes, Other Agents Can Still Sell & Show Your Property

Instead of contacting every single agent to inform them of every small status change to your property, you only need to maintain contact with one agency throughout the entire sale process.  Additionally, as an exclusive Gold Alliance property listing (not all properties will qualify), any professional agent is welcome to try and sell your property.  The payable commission doesn’t change, as the fee will be split between the buying agent and the exclusive listing agent; therefore, there will be no additional costs to the seller nor the buyer.  However, as your exclusive agent, we will be present from the beginning of the sale process to the final day when your sale successfully closes.

The Right Price Makes A Huge Difference | Hua Hin Gold Alliance Member

Gold Alliance exclusive property listings are not for speculating sellers.  Not all properties will qualify for the Gold Alliance seal of approval.  If your home is approved as a Gold Alliance exclusive property, it should be valued appropriately.  Serious buyers are well educated and do their research before making a decision to purchase.

It’s not uncommon for an overpriced or poorly valued property to linger on the real estate market for a long time.  Drastically reduced prices advertised across every Hua Hin agent’s website can come across as desperate or even form a negative impression about the property.  Even worse, buyers may begin seeing inconsistent prices as sellers forget which non-exclusive agent they advertised their home with.  If you enter the real estate market with an overpriced home, most buyers will quickly recognize this and move on.  The result is a disservice to the buyer, the seller and all the listing agents.

The Hua Hin Gold Alliance Member Code of Conduct

  1. Gold Alliance member agents shall adhere to the highest standards of honesty and professional integrity, both in their dealings with the public and in their dealings with each other.
  2. Members shall conduct their affairs with integrity and dignity.
  3. Members shall refrain from misleading statements and exaggerated claims in their dealings with sellers, buyers and potential buyers.
  4. Members will list properties with honest and fair descriptions, realistic sales price, high quality photographs, and will complete the necessary due diligence for the property before sending to the other Gold Alliance members to display on their own agency websites.
  5. Members shall recommend that all buyers obtain good, independent legal advice prior to purchasing a property.
  6. Members will be clear that any deposit taken in regard to purchasing a property will be non-refundable unless during the solicitor’s due diligence a valid legal reason is discovered as to why the purchase should not proceed or complete.  In this instant the deposit will be returned in full to the buyer.
  7. Members shall comply with all applicable local laws, including tax laws.
  8. Members shall accept responsibility for all acts by their staff.
  9. Members shall comply with this code of conduct or face being expelled from the Gold Alliance.
  10. Members shall, upon request, provide the founding members of the Gold Alliance with copies of any document relating to their dealings with any other person or their business practices which, in the opinion of the Gold Alliance, may be necessary in order to establish the member’s compliance with his obligations under this code or in connection with any reported dispute.
  11. If any dispute arises between a member and any seller, buyer or other customer, the member shall draw attention to the existence of such to the founding members of the Gold Alliance.
  12. This code of conduct shall not limit the rights that a member might enjoy under local law or otherwise.

Other Hua Hin Gold Alliance Members Include:

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